MINE Workshop in February 2018

In February 2018 many members of our project are going to meet in Lisbon, Portugal to participate in our intensive program. The goal is to put some of the scenarios we designed into practice. For more information about MINE in general and the program especially, see the following video:

MINE at a conference in Germany

Petra and Tim have presented a poster of MINE on a conference in Chemnitz, Germany (http://bildungsraeume2017.de/). The Topic was, roughly translated, ‘rooms for education’. Our room, following this topic, can be interpretated as online and not bound to a physical place. We had some nice talks and impressions which will be brought back to our project.

First meeting in Mainz

From october 12th to 13th, the team met for the first time to discuss the outlines of the project and to define our goals more clearly. It was a very friendly, constructive and effective meeting in Mainz.


Currently, we’re still looking for new partners to join us on our path.