m-learning week

Be a part of it, join us at our mobile learning week!!!

Here you can find the documentation about our MINE mobile learning week:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Dates: 11.3.-15.3.2019 every evening from 7pm-8pm CET

What´s the MINE mobile learning week???
You will hear and learn in an international group a lot about mobile learning in higher education. Don´t miss that unique chance. We will show, discuss and reflect about various scenarios how to use mobile tools in higher education. Each evening from 7pm-9pm CET! will be a live online learning session, experts from all over europe will show you interesting tools and solutions. You can also get in touch with an international group of people, students and teachers, to have some interesting discussions but also to get to know other learning traditions and cultures. The working language will be english, but if you would like, you could form local interest groups. You will become an expert in state of the art educational technologies and didactical approaches.


Monday: the MINE Project, Live online learning

Tuesday: Discussion forms

Wednesday: Shared notes

Thursday: Twitter in HE

Friday: facts and myths on m-learning + MINE Challenge