1. tim riplinger Reply

    That sounds great. What tool(s) are you using for that?

    • Thomas Peterseil Reply

      i will use audacity together with the webservice auphonic.com

      • tim riplinger Reply

        I’m very excited about your experience, which means on the one hand your personal findings about how to work with those tools and on the other hand your students experience with the outcome.

  2. Jasmin Bastian Reply

    I’ll definitely also try. Another idea: Would’t it also be a possibility to interlink and jump to parts of other audio lectures in which, for example, a very important detail or basic knowledge is given? I do not know if that would even be attractive or more confusing. I was just thinking …

    • tim riplinger Reply

      Why not? I think you can link to any content you find suitable, e.g. other audio files, documents, articles, videos, social media …

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