1. Very interesting results. What subject did these students study? Have there been any grades for the blogs?
    For further reading about blogs in higher education: Weblogs in Higher Education: Why Do Students (Not) Blog? https://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ872405

  2. Kate ZCecot Reply

    Success that students did blogging. Sometimes I find it hard to encourage some of my students of Pedagogy even to comment sth on my blog concerning recent lectures.
    The studied group wasn’t large that’s why the average opinion might have depended on the leader(s) views. Next time it may work better.

  3. Daniel Milanovic Reply

    @Tim As far as I know there will be grades for the blogs
    @Kate I see your point, a little persuasion is always needed to make students participate. But still, like you said, it is always somewhat an experiment because you never know the students motivation.

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