Mobile technologies are an important part of our daily life and we carry them with us all the time. Mobile learning is already used a lot in informal and non-formal learning, but in the context of formal learning it´s not much used, yet. The projekt MINE (mobile learning in higher education) aims to increase the use of mobile technologies in higher education. It´s not about developing a new app, standard applications will be used for mobile learning, to ensure that a wide range of systems are supported and it also should be a smooth integration to the normal working and learning environment.

The use of mobile learning in higher education should also increase the participation of the learner in the learning process. Within this project a curriculum for university teachers will be developed, to prepare university teachers with all competences they need to implement mobile learning in their teaching. But also students need some preparation, because most of them are not used or have not enough media competences to use mobile learning. Because of that a second curriculum for a students course will be developed as well within this project. The aim is to produce a lot of open educational resources (OER) on the way, specially to be used for mobile learning, but also there will be practical examples of mobile learning, which can be easily adapted for other teaching subjects.

The strategic partnership includes also an intensive programme, where the developed curriculum will be used to give university teachers and students the competences to use mobile learning. This group of early adapters will be later act as instructors in their home institution.

All relevant documents and results of this project will be published under the creative commons license and can be downloaded from the project website.