MINE IP Survey

Months have passed since the IP and the participants have returned to their everyday lives. A small survey summarizes their impressions.


The participants look back on the intensive program with positive memories. Besides the days being too long, they also remember the great group and the trusting atmosphere, many new experiences and the great location – the beautiful Lisbon. They explored new mobile tools and new approaches to mobile teaching and learning, reflected the usage of mobile applications and m-learning scenarios as well as they got aware of the changing roles of teachers and students. In addition, the participants became aware of differences between their higher education institutions.

Some of them changed or are still changing their use of mobile technologies as a result of participating in the IP. This includes, for example:
The development of curiosity about m-learning; continuing, starting or expanding the use of mobile learning; incorporating new technologies in teaching; the experimentation and reflection about it as well as sharing and talking to colleagues, students, friends etc.; spreading the input around the universities or initiate research.