Mine-Cast #1

Hello everyone, or “Helau” as we say during the carnival season in Mainz. In todays post I want to share three interviews with you, which were conducted at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. We simply want to provide some impressions of the student’s opinions about learning with mobile applications, cloud based tools etc.

Here is the set of questions we asked the students:

1) Which online tools/apps did you use?

2) What was their purpose?

3) How did you use the tool in your group?

4)  How did the rolls of the students change through the use of the tool?

How did the rolls of the  teachers change?

5) Has your learning process been more individualized/personalized through using the tool? How?

6) What did you learn from using this tool?

7) Did you have any problems with the tool or working in group?

8) Which skills do students need to use …

9) How could we improve our lectures in order to encourage students to use these tools more often?


Enjoy, and tell us what you think in the comments down below.

– Daniel